Success in the Marketplace



This exciting series includes the following 6 presentations recorded LIVE:


CD 1: The Business Success Formula

The Business Success Formula is Attitude + Action = $1 Million Dollars.  You can earn $1 million dollars, you can realize your God-given dream, you can prosper, and you can be more successful when you apply the business success formula to your life and business.

CD 2: Can’t is a Four Letter Word

When you embrace the victory anthem of the New Testament by saying “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,” God’s grace, ability, and strength go into operation in your life and in your business.

CD 3: Ten Principles for Success in Leadership

These 10 leadership success principles are illustrated with inspiring quotes, wisdom nuggets, and humorous antidotes.   They will improve your life and business!

CD4: Success is an Inside Job

God is always doing something in your life that you cannot see.  You will learn how to change the unfavorable situations and unwanted conditions in your life and business.

CD 5: Kingdom Success Principles

When you apply these 7 Kingdom Success Principles to your life and business, you will experience increase and abundance.

CD 6: Enthusiasm: The Secret Ingredient to Your Success

Enthusiasm means God within.  When you live with enthusiasm, you are living the way God wants you to live!

This series includes the 2-part Bonus CD:
God’s Covenant Economy

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