The DNA of God


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The DNA of God is identified with the phrase: God is love.  Love is not solely something God does; it is something He is.  Love is the divine nature of God; therefore, love is the DNA of God.

The word “love” used in the phrase God is love is the Greek word “agape.”  Agape is the characteristic word of Christianity, which describes the nature of God.  Agape love includes both the attitude and will of God.  Agape love is both proactive and unconditional.  The will of God includes God’s proactive love.  The attitude of God includes God’s unconditional love.

Everyone who is born of God receives eternal life (the life of God), and now the nature of God (agape love) lives in that person’s born again re-created spirit.  A born-again Christian has God’s love  within them and now they are expected to express it by walking in love.

In this enlightening 6-CD Series (recorded LIVE) you will learn how and why:

Walking in love pleases God.
Walking in love satisfies all God’s commands.
Walking in love includes both attitude and action.
Walking in love releases the power of God in your life.
Walking in love guarantees your success in any relationship.
Walking in love enables you to receive everything that belongs to you in Christ.


This CD Series includes the BONUS CD:
The DNA of God, Walking in Love, and Success in Relationships

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