Expressions of the Divine Nature


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When you placed your faith in Christ and confessed Jesus as Lord you became a new creation person.  The spiritual part of you is now filled with the divine nature.  The hallmark characteristic of the divine nature is love because God is love.  Therefore, walking in love is the primary expression of the divine nature.

When you rely on God’s grace and receive His righteousness the divine nature flows through you automatically.  Every born again Christian has agape love within them and now they are expected to express it by walking in love.  Expressing the divine nature results in what walking in love looks like.

In this dynamic 6-CD series (recorded LIVE) you will discover what walking in love looks like.  As you put into practice the truths contained in this series, your life will become an example of what walking in love looks like and you will find yourself living the abundant life!

Expressing the Divine Nature is the solution to the world’s problems!


This 6-CD Series includes the Bonus CD:
Expressing the Divine Nature – Parts 1 & 2

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