Apologetics: Proof for What You Believe



If every Christian could give at least one reason why they believe that Jesus lived, died, rose from the dead and is alive today, it would increase their confidence to believe the Word of God, to share the Word of God, and to experience all the promises contained in the Word of God.

In this exciting series (recorded LIVE), you will discover through historical accuracy that Jesus lived.  You will discover through prophetic proof that Jesus died.  You will discover through physical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead.  You will discover through personal experience that Jesus is alive today.

Discussions about the Holy Bible being the Word of God and Jesus being the Messiah are sometimes referred to with the term “apologetics.”  The word “apologetics” comes from the Greek word “apologia,” which means “to give a defense of what one believes to be true.”  For our purposes, apologetics refers to the discipline of defending the Christian faith.

After listening to these messages, you will be equipped, motivated, and inspired to share your faith in a greater way.  You will also see amazing results from your soul-winning efforts.

Message titles include:
What is the Source of Truth for Your Life?
Jesus Christ: Fact or Fiction

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