Beyond Positive Thinking



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You can live your dreams!  God’s ability and power are what enable and empower you to live your dreams.

You can experience God’s power and access God’s ability by understanding who you are, what you have, and what you can do because God made it possible for you to enjoy His life, His nature, and His ability.

You were created to have fellowship with God through the process of realizing your God-given dream.  Your dreams are simply God seeking expression through you.  You came into this world as 100% pure potentiality, and God wouldn’t give you a dream if He didn’t also give you the potential to make your dream a reality.

When you learn how to tap into the force that created the universe (as you live by faith and walk in love), the power of God is released into your life to help you realize your God-given dream.  Your life will never be the same again!



This book will inspire you to stretch beyond a positive mindset and experience God’s power in a new dimension.

Bob Harrison
America’s Increase Activist

In Beyond Positive Thinking, Jim Collins shows us how to focus on God’s promises found in the scriptures to realize our unlimited potential and purpose.  From revealing how the “power twins” Faith and Love unleash God’s purpose in our lives to positive habit formations essential to living a life of joy, Beyond Positive Thinking is a compelling book full of insights and encouragement. Jim shows us a practical step by step approach implementing tools such as visualization, imagination, and confession of God’s Word, which can help us claim our inheritance and see God’s plan for our lives become a reality.  This is a truly important work for anyone who wants to cultivate a victorious life through Jesus Christ.

Jordan Rubin
NY Times Bestselling Author of Maker’s Diet
Founder and CEO Garden of Life

Jim Collins takes the greatest success book ever written, the Bible, and breaks it down into principles that any person can activate in their life.  Beyond Positive Thinking shows you that while positive thinking and optimism are important and will help you reach great achievement, true success is so much greater and only comes through God’s Word.  I would encourage anyone interested in reaching their full potential to read this book.

Dr. Dave Martin
America’s #1 Christian Success Coach

Jim Collins’ anointing and skill have come together to give us his absolute best in this book.  As a believer and student of Scripture, Jim draws from the richest storehouse of wisdom we have, the Bible, and he does it in a way that is sensible, accurate, and safe.  I am now in my 60th year of ministry yet found myself plunging into Jim’s Bible truth as if for the first time.  This text is excellent for private study as well as for classroom teaching.  I recommend it to churches, Sunday Schools, small group study, and everywhere that people want motivation to rise from within.  This book is not cosmetic and external in motivating the reader.  Instead, it contains motivation that is effortless, inspirational, fun, and it will spring-board out of you.  What more can I say?  I was motivated!

Charles Carrin
Charles Carrin Minsitries

Jim Collins has taken the faith message to another level in Beyond Positive Thinking.  His unique way of linking the love and power of God with faith will transform you from glory to glory.  This book will train you to speak, think, and walk in the promises that belong to every believer.

Rick Madison
International Evangelist, Author, TV Host

I loved reading Beyond Positive Thinking.  Whether sitting down with Jim or reading his book, I always come away inspired to believe God for bigger things and a renewed sense of God’s purpose in my life.  As I read, I found myself underlining whole paragraphs and writing exclamation points in the margins.  I would highly recommend Beyond Positive Thinking to anyone who is serious about taking their life to the next level.  Make sure you have your pen ready as you will want to underline and revisit many of Jim’s points.

Dan Plourde, Senior Pastor
Calvary Church Jupiter

In Beyond Positive Thinking, Jim strategically lays out powerful principles that will help anyone get to a place of unparalleled Godly success.  Each chapter is rich with insight and easy to understand.  For anyone who wants to become better at living out God’s best, this is the book to help you in your journey!

Bishop Fritz Musser
Tabernacle International Church

The truth within this book can change your life and the lives of those around you.  I highly recommend it.

Pastor Bill Earley
The Glory Church

Words like “faith” and “success” have often become cliches in the church’s vocabulary, but in this book Jim Collins defines these principles in a tangible and practical way bringing fresh understanding and clear application for implementation and activation into our lives.

Rick Kendall, President
Victory Ministries and the Body Network

Like all successful pastors, Jim is a great teacher.  But I believe that more than anything else, part of his call is to be an encourager.  That gift is on display in this book.  Many believers become discouraged when their prayers aren’t answered in their time frame.  Jim teaches how to pray and stay in faith until the answer comes.  He doesn’t just tell you what to do, but he tells you how to do it.  This book will encourage and uplift anyone who reads it.

Tom Barrett
SE Florida District Coordinator
Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship

Jim Collins has been a voice for positive thinking for many years.  Beyond Positive Thinking is a current relevant God-word for today.  Jim succinctly articulates the necessity of speaking what God has already said and applying what He has already accomplished.  Anyone reading this book and practicing these principles will be more successful and prosperous.  In a season of difficulties and limited vision, this book helps you actualize your God-given potential.

Dr. Norman Benz, Pastor
Covenant Centre International

There are many good motivational and success authors and speakers, but Jim Collins takes you to a different level in his new book Beyond Positive Thinking.  He doesn’t just tell you how to be successful, he shows you with 100% proof.

Paul Fitzpatrick, Director
PHD Healing Rooms

Beyond Positive Thinking is a must read for every born-again believer, and it will help anybody who is struggling in everyday life.  I have been a born-again Christian since 1954, and as I was reading, I learned and relearned the principles of God’s Word for my life.  Beyond Positive Thinking is a book of challenge for change.  It was changing me as the words leaped from its pages to my heart.

Pastor Bob Dailey
Back to Square One Ministries
“From the Heart of the Pastor” TV Internet Program

Beyond Positive Thinking is a fresh revelation of God’s Word.  As I was reading I found myself saying, “I knew that, but never thought of it that way.”  This book will impart the principles of Christianity into the hearts of people seeking more success and motivation in their lives.

Stephen Zoeller
Zoeller Motorsports Ministries

Beyond Positive Thinking will challenge your personal faith as you embark on a journey to a satisfied, joyful life.  Jim’s grasp of God’s Word is unparalleled, and his application of it to our everyday, modern lives is refreshing.  Thank you for your inspiring approach on these time-honored scriptures and for reminding us that we must do more than simply hear and read God’s Word; we must also speak God’s Word.  By speaking God’s Word, and sharing it with others, it is only then that we become truly aware of its meaning and are able to apply it to our own lives.

Greg Provenzano
President and Co-Founder
ACN, Inc

This book is needed today more than ever before.  As a business owner, this is a great reference book for anyone in business or desiring to start a business.  The principles in this book will guarantee anyone’s success in life because it is founded on the Word of God.

Jacinth Waldron, CEO
R.E.I.G.N. Marketing & Consulting LLC

Pastor Jim Collins is a truly inspired and prolific writer.  He provides a depth of expression that is both insightful and moving. Beyond Positive Thinking is a powerful classic and a must read.

Dave Gerhardt
Executive Director
Biometics International

Beyond Positive Thinking is a must read for anyone who has a dream, for anyone who desires to achieve, and for anyone who just wants more out of life.  Each year dozens of self-help books are released that provide nothing more than recycled platitudes.  It is refreshing to see the real source of positive thinking so clearly spelled out in a clear, concise format.  As equally refreshing is the acknowledgement that true power does not come from quantum physics or a godless universe, but comes from the love of a merciful God.  Jim Collins will teach you how to tap into the force that created the universe.  His concepts are scripturally sound and documented.  This book will change your life.

John Whittaker
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps, retired
Nuskin Enterprises Team Elite Distributor and Million Dollar Circle Earner

Although we are daily bombarded with the advancement of technology, Beyond Positive Thinking demands our attention.  By reading this book we have to evaluate and then re-evaluate every aspect of our lives, and then instructed by Jim and strengthened by God’s Word, our lives can become dynamic and successful.

Jack Wells
Founder, SchooLife

Jim Collins gives you all you need to know in order to begin to fulfill your God-given destiny and success in the marketplace.  Your character, faith, perseverance and love of God are keys to the life you seek.  Jim tells us that character is directly tied to the condition of your heart and I agree.  Have you had a spiritual EKG recently?  This book could save your spiritual life and destiny.

Jack A. Serra, Sr.
1988 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for New Jersey
Author of Revealer of the Enemy
Marketplace Marriage & Success: The Spiritual Connection

I’ve seen Pastor Jim go from business owner to leader of his own congregation to inspiring professional speaker.  He mixes faith and action in everything he does (not to mention, being one of life’s true ‘good guys’).  He can show you how to plug into the biblical principles he both preaches and practices in order to achieve massive success in your own life.

Bob Burg
Co-author of The Go-Giver

Move beyond positive thinking and into a powerful walk of faith.  Jim Collins’ new book will show you how to embrace all that God has in store for you.

Tom Craton, General Manager
WCNO Radio


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