The Purpose of Work



In this exciting message, filled with stories and anecdotes, you will discover the purpose of your work.  As a result, you will become more motivated and inspired on your job and in your business.

Because we spend so much time in the workplace (8 hours or more a day), this is one of the primary places where our character is demonstrated and seen.  The way we work, and our attitude in doing so, says a lot about our overall character.  Therefore, your character will be revealed in the form of your work ethic.  The purpose of work includes testing your attitude, developing your character, and influencing your work ethic.

Did you know that God has abundance in mind for you on your job and in your business?  Abundance is one of the rewards for having the right attitude toward your work.  Abundance is one of the rewards that results from your character and work ethic.

God wants to use your work to make you a conduit of His blessing.  He wants to promote you with abundance so you can be generous on every occasion.  Receiving God’s blessing of abundance, and being generous with it, will make you a more effective witness for Christ as your abundance and generosity bring thanksgiving to God.


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