Your attitude is more important to God than your circumstances!

John 15:8 (NKJV)Smile Face in sad faces
“By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.”

As a disciple of Christ, your life glorifies God as you bear much fruit.  The fruit Jesus is talking about in this verse includes the fruit of your re-created spirit, which includes joy.  God (your heavenly Father) is glorified when joy grows in your life, and this fruit grows when you display a joyful attitude.

The key to displaying a joyful attitude is habit formation.  Everything you do is influenced by your habits.  Your habits were formed by repeating the things you do over, and over, and over, etc.  Experts say that it takes about 30 days to form a new habit or replace an old habit.  You can form the habit of displaying a joyful attitude.  Forming this habit may require you to take some actions that may be a little uncomfortable for you until you have had some time to display this new joyful attitude.  The good news is that forming this new attitude is not difficult.  The discipline necessary to form this new habit is quite simple.  The repetition of this discipline establishes the new habit and makes the new habit permanent.

You can form the habit of displaying a joyful attitude during the next 30 days.  To form your new habit, simply express the divine nature within you.  In other words, let the joy out for 30 consecutive days.  Your 30 days of action will result in the formation of the habit of displaying a joyful attitude.  As you practice expressing the divine nature (by letting the joy out), you will soon find that you are no longer riding the emotional roller coaster.

You have a choice to make; the choice to display a joyful attitude.  You must make a quality decision to fully commit yourself to forming your healthy productive new habit.  When you have a burning desire, and have committed yourself to action, you are 51% of the way to forming your new habit.  The establishment of your healthy new habit (expressing the divine nature by letting the joy out) will force the emotional roller coaster out of your life.  You will no longer experience debilitating lows and deceptive highs.  Your establishment of this healthy new habit changes the issue.  The issue is no longer a result of circumstances.  The issue is your established joy and the new attitude that comes with it!

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