The way you can be part of the solution for America today is to pray, vote the Bible, and vote against big government.  In this week’s Success Scripture we are going to talk about step #2 – Vote the Bible.

The two most important areas to consider when voting the Bible are life and marriage because the Bible establishes priorities in national righteousness.  The question becomes, “How do I know if a candidate is in favor of national righteousness?”  One way is to check their party platform.  Every four years, the Democrat and Republican Parties put together their party platforms – the ideas and beliefs that govern their party as a whole.

There are three good reasons to talk about what the respective party platforms say about life and marriage vs. abortion and homosexuality.  First, these issues support or oppose a biblical worldview.  Second, these issues are currently the focus of political action.  Third, these issues represent the effect the family unit has on a society.  History has proven that when the family unit breaks down, society breaks down, and when society breaks down, the nation collapses.

Let’s talk about life vs. abortion first.  Here’s what the Bible says about when life begins.

Isaiah 44:2, 24 (NKJV)
2 Thus says the Lord who made you and formed you from the womb…
24 Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and He who formed you from the womb…

Isaiah 44 (along with Psalm 139:13 and Jeremiah 1:5) says that the Lord made people and formed them in the womb.  Therefore, defending the life of an unborn child must continue to remain a priority for biblical voters.  This is confirmed by our governing documents – the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution – which both intimate that the most important function of government is to protect inalienable rights.

The Unites States government was established on the premise that certain rights come from God rather than men; therefore, the government should protect those rights.  Where a candidate stands on the issue of abortion is of paramount importance, and it’s also one of the indicators of how likely he or she is to protect other inalienable God-given rights, like natural death instead of euthanasia in old age.

Now I want to read from the Democratic Party Platform on page 23 and page 33:

We will appoint judges who defend the constitutional principles of liberty and equality for all, and will protect a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion.

We believe unequivocally that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion — regardless of where she lives, how much money she makes, or how she is insured.  We will continue to oppose — and seek to overturn — federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion.

Based on what we have just read, we can conclude that the Democratic Party Platform not only supports abortion, but it promotes it even if your taxes have to pay for it.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the Holy Bible never condones abortion.  Both the medical and scientific communities agree that life begins at conception.  Therefore; abortion is murder, and the Bible clearly states (in Exodus 20:13 and in Matthew 5:21), “You shall not murder.”  Life begins at conception and abortion is murder, plain and simple.

Now I want to read from the Republican Party Platform on page 13:

The Constitution’s guarantee that no one can be deprived of life, liberty, or property deliberately echoes the Declaration of Independence’s proclamation that all are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable right to life.

Accordingly, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed.  We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth.

We will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage.  We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life.

Based on what we have just read, we can conclude that the Republican Party Platform does not support abortion or the promotion of it.

Now let’s talk about marriage vs. homosexuality.  God’s definition of marriage is stated in Genesis 2:24.

Genesis 2:24 (NKJV)
Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.

Based on the truth of the Bible, God’s definition of marriage is between one man and one woman – one male and one female.  Many say that Jesus never addressed same-sex marriage, but in Matthew 19:1-6, Jesus is very clear on what God said about marriage being between one man and one woman.  If a political candidate is willing to accept, empower, and advance homosexuality, it is a clear indication that he or she does not embrace the moral truth found in the Holy Bible.

Now I want to read from page 17 of the Democratic Party Platform:

Democrats applaud the decision by the Supreme Court that recognized that LGBT (LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) people – like other Americans – have the right to marry the person they love.

From this statement, we can conclude that the Democratic Party Platform condones and supports homosexual, lesbian, transgender, and same-sex marriage.

Important point now: It’s worth noting that the reason we single out a political candidate’s stand on same-sex marriage above other immoral sexual behaviors (like fornication and adultery) is because the issue of same-sex marriage is currently the focus of political action while the other (just as sinful) behaviors are not.  This is why it’s appropriate to investigate a political candidate’s position on same-sex marriage.

Now I want to read from the Republican Party Platform on page 31:

The American family is the foundation of civil society, and the cornerstone of the family is natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman.

Our laws and our government’s regulations should recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman and actively promote married family life as the basis of a stable and prosperous society.

For that reason, as explained elsewhere in this platform, we do not accept the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and we urge its reversal, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment returning control over marriage to the states.

From these statements, we can conclude that the Republican Party Platform is against same-sex marriage because it destroys families and weakens a society.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party (according to their party platform) has disqualified itself from a biblical worldview; therefore, voting for a Democrat equates to voting against a biblical worldview.

You may or may not agree with this week’s Success Scripture, but if you are in agreement with the truths found in the Holy Bible (if you embrace a biblical worldview), then you can and should point these truths out to other Christians, Jews, Protestants, Catholics, and others who profess to believe the Bible as God’s Word, and you can and should encourage them to vote the Bible.  The second step to be part of the solution for America today is to vote the Bible.