One of the first things Jesus said to the disciples after His resurrection was, “Peace be with you.”

got-peaceLuke 24:36 (AMP)
Now while they were talking about this, Jesus Himself took His stand among them and said to them, “Peace (freedom from all the distresses that are experienced as the result of sin) be to you!”

If you are a disciple of Jesus today, know that Jesus is continually saying, “Peace be with you.”  The definition of peace (from our Success Scripture) is freedom from all the distresses that are experienced as the result of sin.  One of the things we could conclude from this is that peace is very important.

Peace is the overriding state that brings prosperity into every part of your life.  Here’s how peace relates to prosperity: Peace in your body leads to good health.  Peace in your relationships leads to a happy life.  Peace in your finances leads to less stress, and less stress leads back to good health.  In other words, every area of your life is tied to every other area of your life.  If you are not at peace in one area, it seems to affect (or we could say infect) all the others.

Peace equates to prosperity because one of the same Hebrew words for peace means prosperity.  Peace is the key to prosperity showing up in every area of your life – health, finances, and relationships included.

True prosperity includes freedom from fear and anxiety.  Notice I didn’t say that true prosperity is the absence of fear and anxiety.  Fear and anxiety are part of the human condition and they challenge every single person.  However, because you are a new creation person, Jesus said His peace is your peace (John 14:27).  The reason Jesus could say that is because He became your substitutionary sacrifice.  Jesus not only sympathizes with every emotion you feel, but He made a provision so you could experience every positive feeling instead of being held captive by every negative emotion.

Question: Has Jesus appeared to you yet when it comes to experiencing peace in your life or are you still full of fear and anxiety?  When Jesus says, “Peace be with you,” do you receive it or do you reject it?

Experiencing peace is a success principle that translates into a personal experience with the risen Christ.  Experiencing peace is one of the ways you can be more successful.  Click here to order the Beyond Positive Thinking Success Pack.