Jesus gave us the solution to the problems that have been occurring between civilians and police officers lately.

John 15:12 (NKJV)Love one another, Jesus
“This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”

I want to draw your attention to the phrase “as I have loved you.”  This phrase refers to loving people the way God loves them.  Jesus is intimating that we should love each other with the God-kind of love.  The God-kind of love is both proactive and unconditional; therefore, walking in love means loving people proactively and unconditionally.  Walking in love means loving people proactively and unconditionally.

The word “love” (used in our Success Scripture this week) is the Greek word “agape.”  Agape is the characteristic word of Christianity, which describes the nature of God.  As a new creation person, you are filled with the divine nature, and now you can express it by walking in love.  You can be part of the solution by walking in love!

Agape love includes both the attitude and will of God.  The will of God includes God’s proactive love; the attitude of God includes God’s unconditional love.  An example of proactive love (the will of God) would be doing something for someone when you don’t feel like it.  An example of unconditional love (the attitude of God) would be giving something to someone without expecting anything in return.  Here’s great question to ponder when thinking about changing the world: If everybody in this world were just like me, what kind of a world would this world be?

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