One of the purposes of working is so that you have enough to help those in need.

Ephesians 4:28 (NLT)
If you are a thief, quit stealing. Instead, use your hands for good hard work, and then give generously to others in need.

Question: What’s the purpose of working hard as outlined in our Success Scripture this week? Answer: To be able to give generously to others in need. The intimation here is twofold: First, don’t steal (that’s obvious), and second, if you’re capable of working and you don’t, you’re stealing indirectly. Why? Because you have nothing to give to people in need. There’s a call in this verse for an attitude adjustment – from one of greed (working only to get money or not working at all) to one of generosity (being willing to work hard so you have more to give). My willingness to work hard so I can give to others calls for an attitude adjustment.

Obviously, we know that one aspect of working is to provide for our immediate families and our relatives, but in Ephesians 4:28, we’re also told that we should work hard so we can help people outside our families as well. The goal is to have enough not only to take care of our families, but to help others as well. This could include tithing to your local church, supporting ministries with offerings, and giving to the poor and to those in need.

Sweeping statement now: To do all this fully is going to require God’s abundance. How many would agree that to take care of your family and your relatives, and to give generously to others in need, is going to require receiving God’s abundance? If you agree, say “I agree!” So if that’s true, we could also conclude that it’s God’s will to bless us with financial abundance. Why? So we can be generous cheerful givers. The purpose of receiving God’s abundance is to be able to be a generous cheerful giver.

Did you know that God has abundance in mind for you on your job and in your business? Abundance is one of the rewards for having the right attitude toward your work. Abundance is one of the rewards that results from your character and work ethic. God wants to use your work to make you a conduit of His blessing. He wants to promote you with abundance so you can be generous on every occasion. Receiving God’s blessing of abundance, and being generous with it, will make you a more effective witness for Christ as your abundance and generosity bring thanksgiving to God.

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